Welcome to Alumni Association of Government College of Engineering, Amravati

Well, this is the final and permanent Alumni Website. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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What you can do...
This is not just a website but a place for us to interact with alumni. We want your guidance to enrich ourselves.

So currently,
Alumni can create articles, blogs and search other alumni. Students can currently post comments.

The procedure for creating alumni account is as follows -

  1. You create an account on this website by clicking the create new account link.
  2. You fill the details and submit it.
  3. We will then verify your details.
  4. You might receive a call from us for verification.
  5. After the verification process is complete, we will activate your account and will send you email.

The procedure for creating student account is as follows -
Visit alumni office in ADM, GCOEA campus with your ID Card. We will create and activate your account.